Spacesaver Solution

High Density Shelving

These Mobile Storage Systems can deliver up to three times the storage capacity of conventional filing and shelving in the same amount of floor space — and at half the cost. By mounting storage cabinets or shelving on wheeled carriages that travel on rails, wasted space created by fixed aisles can be eliminated, freeing up valuable floor space for other, more productive uses — including additional storage.

The versatility of Spacesaver Mobile Systems makes it possible to mount virtually any type of storage housing on our mobile carriages, including your existing shelving and cabinets. No other storage solution is as cost-effective or space-efficient. Regardless of size and weight, we have a mobile storage system for your needs.

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Heavy Duty Mobile Shelving

You’re probably familiar with traditional heavy-duty storage options—static wide span shelving, pallet racking, storage containers, and bins. The challenge with static storage is that it takes up a fixed amount of space, while the number of items you need to store keeps changing.

With options to accommodate 7,000-30,000 pounds per carriage section, ActivRAC® Mobilized Storage System is the perfect heavy-duty storage solution. By mounting new or existing shelving, drawer systems, cantilever shelving, or pallet racking onto ActivRAC rails, shelves can slide side-to-side and static aisles are converted into productive storage space. Easy controls allow full access to every aisle for maximum convenience and safety. It’s a simple concept that enables you to store the same amount of items in half the footprint.

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Universal Weapons Rack

The most flexible weapons security storage system available, the Spacesaver UWR storage system maximizes armory storage space within a compact footprint. Adjustable racks accommodate weapons of various lengths and types, and perforated doors and sides simplify weapons inventory assessments while keeping weapons stored and highly secure.

The UWR storage system is ready to securely store a variety of weapons from rifles to side arms, gear bags to optics, all utilizing the same cabinet frame. This ability to store multiple weapons in one system, and do so without the need to disassemble or zero the weapon is a huge boost to your operational and combat readiness.

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Mobility Crates

Spacesaver’s Mobility Crate is a custom transportable storage rack that provides secure and ready access to utility terrain vehicles (UTV). It’s a mission-ready storage system that greatly reduces storage area needs. The unit is collapsible, dual entry, stackable, and galvanized for long-term exterior or interior use.

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Parachute Storage

Safety and security are primary concerns for any mission, but they’re crucial when it comes to storing and preparing equipment for jumps and airdrops. Spacesaver’s compact parachute racks and containers are durable and user-friendly to ensure the safety of your equipment while providing efficient storage and access.

Our parachute racks and mobile storage systems are designed to work together to optimize the use of your valuable storage space by compacting your storage into a smaller footprint.

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Duty & Gear Lockers

Rugged all steel storage cabinets and lockers built to last in demanding military applications. The modular design of the TRL™ Storage System from Spacesaver® gives you the flexibility you need for all of your storage requirements.

Choose from the broad selection of sizes and configurations to meet your specific needs. Then outfit the interior by choosing from a variety of modular accessories.

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Horticultural - CBD Growing Equipment

We help optimize any commercial cannabis grow room design to produce consistent, high-quality products while also controlling costs and boosting yields.

The GROW Mobile System eliminates wasted aisle space and allows for multiple levels of growing area. By maximizing space, reducing energy use, and improving efficiency, it helps create better places to work and grow.

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Customised Storage

All products can be customised to your specific requirements, get in touch with us to find out more

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