Horticultural Storage

As cannabis legalization expands, indoor cultivators are striving to produce consistent, high-quality products while also controlling costs and boosting yields. Optimizing space in new or existing cultivation facilities is a smart way to gain more canopy in less space.

Whether you’re planning a new building or retrofitting your existing facility, Spacesaver is your one-stop shop for expert space-planning assistance and the best products in indoor horticulture. Our consultants work with you and your team to improve efficiency and increase profits at every step along the way.

Take your grow operation to the next level with systems that extend up to 30 feet tall. With three shelving options, Knockdown Widespan, RaptorRAC™ Widespan and our Widespan GROW Shelving all being constructed of heavyduty steel.

Our Widespan GROW shelving is designed with welded uprights to maximize window spacing and provide stable, long-term support for plants, pots, and everything else you need to create an optimal growing environment.

GROW White paint is designed for UV exposure and humid environments, with high reflectivity, excellent colorfastness, and antimicrobial properties.